As I write this I’m resting my sore body after an incredible full day of hiking and climbing mountains. I’m feeling a good tired. The one where you know you did good things. Your body is tired but your mind and spirit are FREE!

Some time ago, when I developed…

The decision-making tool that absolutely changed my life.

Decision-making. We make countless decisions every day. What shall I have for breakfast? Will I go to the gym or not? Who’s picking up the kids from school? Where shall we go on holidays? Is online or in-person school best for my children this year? Should I quit my job…

6 Steps to Uncovering Your Bext Best Career or Business Path

When the Covid-19 Global Health Pandemic hit in early 2020, I noticed something interesting with my current coaching clients. They typically fell into one of three categories:

1) Women in Career:
Their lives were thrown into chaos and figuring out…

5 ways You can Activate your Network to Build your Business and Get More Clients

“If I’m being honest, I’m suffering from a bit of FOMO,” said one of my clients recently in a coaching session. “I get a bit jealous when I see other people being successful. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get more clients? What am I doing wrong?”

These are…

Try these six tips for getting through the last leg of the pandemic marathon

“It’s called bonking,” said one of my clients in a coaching session. “That last stage of a marathon when you have a sugar low and your body has basically given up. It doesn’t have any more stamina, drive, determination or energy.” So what do runners do to get through this…

In remembrance of my Dad

In this week’s post, I indulge in a remembering of my father, Douglas Laite, who passed away on November 13, 2020.

No matter your stage of life, people everywhere long to be seen.

I write this the morning after Halloween. The one time of the year when we can wear visible, full character masks and pretend we’re someone else, just for a little while.

I handed out candy last night (in COVID-friendly style of course) as princesses and goblins came to my door…

Susan Elford

I'm a Leadership Coach & PR Consultant in Calgary. President Lean In Calgary #leadership #entrepreneur #familyadventures #Mom #travel

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