Help Your Referral Network Help You — Susan Elford

5 ways You can Activate your Network to Build your Business and Get More Clients

“If I’m being honest, I’m suffering from a bit of FOMO,” said one of my clients recently in a coaching session. “I get a bit jealous when I see other people being successful. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get more clients? What am I doing wrong?”

1) Actively Promote your Offerings

Let your ideal clients know you want to work with them. Does your ideal client know you’re looking for clients? Just like the lonely wallflower at the school dance, perhaps you standing all alone over there is giving the impression that you’re not particularly interested in dancing. If you really wanted to dance, wouldn’t you be out there, asking others if they wanted to dance with you? The power of the ask cannot be underestimated. We can’t just assume that people know you have availability in your calendar. Let your ideal client know — pick up the phone, send an email, advertise, develop a promotional campaign — let them know you are open for business and they will be more likely to show up.

2) Build a Connections List

Perhaps you haven’t done this in a while. Sometimes you may need to treat your business as though you’re just starting out. Years ago, after I resigned from my corporate communications role and hung out my shingle as “Elford Communications,” the first thing I did was sit down and decide who I wanted to work with. I made a list — a list of organizations I was interested in working with — and then I scoured my network for people I knew or who I could be introduced to, who worked in those organizations — and this was before the gift of Linked In! Then you have to reach out. Ask for virtual coffees and connection calls. Find out what your community is up to and let them know the same. If they don’t need your services right now, perhaps they know someone who does.

3) Ask for Referrals

4) Make an Influencers List

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time investing in relationships with “people who know people.” We call these people ‘influencers.’ Influencers are those people or organizations who can influence your ideal client or help you get in front of them. Think:

  1. Podcast hosts
  2. Professional development organizations
  3. Community groups and associations
  4. Special interest groups
  5. Chamber of commerce
  6. Speaking opportunities

5) Develop a Networking Routine

An accomplice to the “Make an Influencers List” strategy is to attend those events and rub shoulders with entire groups of your potential clients. This can be done socially — the golf foursome and country club game has worked for many business owners for decades if not centuries. Attend a professional development seminar or community event. Get out there. Talk to people. If you are naturally shy — find smaller groups to network with. You don’t have to be the life of the party to meet new people. AND, schedule it in your calendar. Perhaps you need to make a commitment to yourself to attend an event or reach out to a connection 1x/week or 2x/month. Schedule it in. Make it part of your “to-do” list, and watch the business opportunities get activated.

I'm a Leadership Coach & PR Consultant in Calgary. President Lean In Calgary #leadership #entrepreneur #familyadventures #Mom #travel

I'm a Leadership Coach & PR Consultant in Calgary. President Lean In Calgary #leadership #entrepreneur #familyadventures #Mom #travel