In remembrance of my Dad

In this week’s post, I indulge in a remembering of my father, Douglas Laite, who passed away on November 13, 2020.

No matter your stage of life, people everywhere long to be seen.

I write this the morning after Halloween. The one time of the year when we can wear visible, full character masks and pretend we’re someone else, just for a little while.

I handed out candy last night (in COVID-friendly style of course) as princesses and goblins came to my door, sweet she-devils and a headless horseman too.

The children’s bright faces, and glees of appreciation, lit the neighbourhood as their trick-or-treat bags filled up.

My daughters dressed up too — one went as a bottle of ketchup and the other as a sweet angel. Fun to be in character for…

Susan Elford

I'm a Leadership Coach & PR Consultant in Calgary. President Lean In Calgary #leadership #entrepreneur #familyadventures #Mom #travel

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